Lunch With Renzo Gracie We've been trying to interview Renzo Gracie for the past eight months but because of his busy schedule; preparing for fights, traveling, fighting, giving seminars and running his Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Academy New York City, it's been very difficult. Finally I got a break when Renzo invited me for ...more
Talking with Leo Fong I respect anyone who lives to the age of 75 and maintains an active lifestyle. But Leo Fong goes well beyond that. Leo teaches his own unique fighting system through classes and seminars. In addition he works out every day in an intensive conditioning program he developed, he also writes a newsletter about health, nutrition, fitness, martial arts ...more
Interview with Pierre Ingrassia Swiss martial artist and promoter Pierre Ingrassia's Fightin' Fit, ran the largest and most successful martial arts school in Hong Kong -- and probably all of China. Every fighter of note coming through Asia made the pilgrimage to his club. Pierre was also a bodyguard to many Hollywood celebrities but in 2008, Pierre, then 45, was found dead in a hotel room. ...more
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